viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Narconon leaks and United For Human Rights Campaign music video too! Oh my!

Just last Friday, Narconon of Georgia was raided by police, who were looking for documents to prove they had committed insurance fraud and by all accounts they seemed to of found them. But, before all of that Narconon,which is a Scientology front group which specializes in "rehabilitating" drug addicts using L. Ron Hubbard's pseudoscience quackery in order to gain them as members came out with this video encouraging people to come to Narconon to become drug free.

See the complete pamphlet here
And then we came across this, a pamphlet from Narconon which claims to show "40 years of evidence" however, seeing as this is coming from the people who lie about their 70% success rate, we doubt that this has any basis in reality.

And as a special treat we have a music video from one of the cults front groups, United For Human Rights Campaign featuring Jesse Stevenson who was also featured in Scientology's IAS music video which you can see here.

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