jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

Freewinds Competence and Leadership Course Price Cut a sign of desperation


Okay, if this isn't desperation we don't know what is. The Church of Scientology's Cruise Ship the Freewinds is known in the sect as a Scientologist retreat where they can "relax" and take courses out of the "entheta and barriers of their normal life's" (apparently Scientologist were not informed that it is currently full of blue asbestos or that they hold their staff members against their will). Recently, one of our informants sent us a flier for the Competence and Leadership course being offered at believe it or not half price but only for a limited time.

Or so we thought, until we were sent this post from Facebook which was posted by a European Consultant for the Freewinds.

Okay, lets get this straight the "Cult of Greed and Power" is actually willingly giving up money. Our guess is that the recessions that are going on around the world are having devastating effects on this cult because their members are not as willing to "donate" the large sums of money that they used to.

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