lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

New Fliers and Internal Emails Leak

 Recently, we were sent this email from one of our contacts. Here, they lay out the whole list of events that are to happen before the end of the year at FLAG, Scientology´s mecca. Last weekend they opened the Super Power building, which will give the Superpower and Cause Resurgence Rundowns. Then on November 29 through December 1st the International Association of Scientoogist, or IAS will have its international event. Then on December 27th they will have the New Years Event

The Church of Scientology is hurting for members and are in desperate need for staff members to help fill the buildings. So here, have some leaked staff fliers.

And since we are talking about London it seems that Scientology in London can no longer afford two buildings so they are relocating the Celebrity Center to the Ideal Org in London.

 And also here are the dates for GAT II in London and Sacramento.

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