viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Leaked Flier: Sea Organization Leak With Familiar Faces

The Church of Scientology's Sea Organization or Sea Org for short is Scientology's "elite" paramilitary force, or at least that's the politically correct way to put it.  In reality it's simply a slave labor camp. Where it's members are put into navy style uniforms and given the false idea that they alone are "clearing" the planet all while being interrogated, with Security Checks (or Sec Checks for short) and being paid a maximum of $40 a week all while working with little to no sleep. As well as, being put under constant pressure to sell courses and follow orders or face harsh punishments. In this leak from the cult they put their typical glossy spin on the Sea Org claiming to their members that more and more people are joining the Sea Org when in actual fact the opposite is true. More and more people are leaving the Sea Org and speaking out about the human rights abuses that are committed there.

And Yes! For those who may have noticed these two brothers first appeared here in our leaking of Melbourne's Version of It's You, It's Me

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