martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Super Power and Sydney's Ideal Org Plus a little treat

For those who may not know, Super power is something that current leader, David Miscavige has been holding over Scientologist head for some time now. Quite like holding a carrot on a stick to get the donkey to go, so is David Miscavige doing so by telling his followers that if they just keep donating that one day, just maybe, it might open. We were recently sent this flier.

Scientologist believe that with the use of "Super power" they will be able to take someone from brand new to OT quicker as well as other possibilities for the current OT's.

Speaking of Ideal Orgs, I have a tidbit of info on Sydney's Ideal Org. They just started to put up the scaffolding but obviously they need more money. In our minds they have unreasonable expectations as to when the renovations will be done. They actually want to open in January. But anyway, here you go.

And a Little Extra Treat: You know that guy from the 2004 Flag Word Tour? You know the one who claimed that he was "stable" while laughing like a lunatic, this one.

Well, lookie what we were sent. He evidently upped his status and with the same crazy eyes. 

Also one more thing, starting from now on since we keep getting so many fliers and leaflets sent to us we will start to post them on our Facebook and Twitter and only share the very best of them here.

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Scientology's Moose On the Loose

Some days ago, we posted Scientology Buffalo and Toronto alliance video where they teamed up to "launch an everlasting strategy" in a "chaotic world" but what you may not know is that Scientology Toronto's Moose is one very busy mammal who has made not only made a previous video (which we will show you) but has also been very photogenic.  So sit back, relax, and grab the popcorn it's time for "Agent James Moose".


Personally, we loved the names of the supposed "villains".

Squirrely Pete aka Twisted sister
Sneaky Joe aka Born yesterday
Freddie Freeloader aka Snitch

For those who may not know the Scientology terminology (say that 10 times real fast :P): 

        A Squirrel is a person who practices Scientology incorrectly or what a member of the Church would      call a person who practices Scientology outside of the official cult.

      A Freeloader is a person who was part of Scientology's staff or part of the Sea Org and left without paying back for the courses they took despite the fact that they work long hours sometimes with little to no sleep. 

And now for the photogenic moose.


Some other Canadian Leaks 


viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

What does Scientology, Gangnam Style, a moose and Justin Bieber have in common?

What does Scientology, Gangnam Style, a moose and Justin Bieber have in common? They are all in this leaked internal video. In this video Buffalo Org and Toronto team up to "launch an everlasting strategy" in a "chaotic world".

And now some fliers from Buffalo.

We found this flier on ESMB which was originally published here. So a special thanks to Zinjifar for posting.  Also we found this. 

martes, 2 de abril de 2013

Kristie Alley Tweeting for the Citizens Commision for Human Rights

Kristie Alley yesterday retweeted the latest "documentary" from the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR's) video called Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child which was leaked a few days ago by OpenComments.

Kristie Alley
Despite the fact that people kept telling Kristie Alley that they had gotten better through Psychiatric care, she kept her beliefs even going as far to say that these people who had gotten better where just covering the real problem with drugs (which is a typical line from the CCHR). This is just one of the many ways in which the Church of Scientology tries to fight against Psychiatry. But, the thing you may be asking yourself is why are Scientologist so concerned about it. Well, the answer to that is hidden in Scientology's OT3 level. Scientologist believe that 75 million years ago there was an alien overlord by the name of Xenu, who with the help of Psychiatrist killed tons of aliens, and that these aliens souls still affect humans today, and that these souls or Body thetans (BT's) cause all of man's ills.