martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Super Power and Sydney's Ideal Org Plus a little treat

For those who may not know, Super power is something that current leader, David Miscavige has been holding over Scientologist head for some time now. Quite like holding a carrot on a stick to get the donkey to go, so is David Miscavige doing so by telling his followers that if they just keep donating that one day, just maybe, it might open. We were recently sent this flier.

Scientologist believe that with the use of "Super power" they will be able to take someone from brand new to OT quicker as well as other possibilities for the current OT's.

Speaking of Ideal Orgs, I have a tidbit of info on Sydney's Ideal Org. They just started to put up the scaffolding but obviously they need more money. In our minds they have unreasonable expectations as to when the renovations will be done. They actually want to open in January. But anyway, here you go.

And a Little Extra Treat: You know that guy from the 2004 Flag Word Tour? You know the one who claimed that he was "stable" while laughing like a lunatic, this one.

Well, lookie what we were sent. He evidently upped his status and with the same crazy eyes. 

Also one more thing, starting from now on since we keep getting so many fliers and leaflets sent to us we will start to post them on our Facebook and Twitter and only share the very best of them here.

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