viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

The Desperation Continues at Golden Era Productions with an Update

We recently joined the Ex-Scientologist Message Board and while looking around the site we found this posted by c-orgy: so a big thank you from us to him for finding and posting this.

And if you zoom in and look at the bottom of this ad you can see this

So the cult is looking for Non-Scientologist (or Wogs) to do fake success stories instead of using Scientologist to do it. Our guess is that they don't have enough people to do it for real or that they are preparing for when the videos get leaked so they don't look as crazy.

Upon doing a bit of searching and we found this email address to contact Valerie Light: 

 as well as this phone number

So if you like we are sure she would be more than happy to hear what you think about this destructive cult which creates elaborate lies for their members. 


As if the first posting of this wasn't enough of a foot-bullet Valerie Light posted yet again looking for actors and actresses to do fake success stories. 

Consider this, Scientologist are forced to always write success stories after they finish a course and if they refuse, it is thought that the auditing is not finished. So, if they are looking for actors to play the part then they must not be expanding as much as they claim and in fact must therefore be shrinking. This we think should be taken as good news for Scientology watcher's because if nothing else it proves more than anything that the cult is indeed shrinking. 


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