jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

"It's you. . . It's me. . ." Melbourne edition

Okay, so in case you don't know above is the original leak which was used in 2012 to grab money for the International Association of Scientologist or IAS which is one of the Church of Scientology's main front groups. And now a year later Melbourne Scientologist have united to sing horribly together. So let's have a listen.

Okay, so we will give them some points for trying but the singing is outright awful and between that you can tell  that they are nervous. We do love that the Scientologist from Melbourne do not seem to know that Elvis hated Scientology. He is even noted as saying:

"That s.o.b. group - all they want is my money"

But probably the best part is when Emmanuel Foundas tries to be a "motivational" speaker and instead ends up sounding like he's really bored.

People in the video:

Gareth Hill
Erica Lucus
Disin Grogan
Jessica Fairlie
Andrew Fairlie
Alison Ainsworth
Michael Foley
The Legendary Duffy Brothers
          Robert Duffy
          Evan Duffy
Alex Maloney
Mark Caliguiri
Tony Harris
Kate Foundas
Emmanuel Foundas

UPDATE: Scientology Censorship

Ooooh we made them mad! Tonight, we logged in and found that the Church of Scientology of Melbourne had taken down one of our videos, The Melbourne version of It's you . . . It's me . . . but not to worry it is now back up on Rutube.  For those who don't know, this is something typical of the sect to try to keep those who would expose the truth about it a secret however they constantly fail with this sort of tactic. We strongly encourage everyone to grab this video and upload it to everywhere and anywhere you can.  

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