viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Social Media Convention on the Freewinds with leak

"Success Story"

Scientologist have many seminars on their cruise ship called the Freewinds. However, this ship is not like most cruise ships, it's staffed by men and women who have signed a billion year contract. All staff members on the ship, are part of what Scientologist call, the Sea Organization, which is Scientology's paramilitary division, with the goal of "clearing the planet" (which means that they want everyone on Earth to reach the state of Clear in Scientology). This video and "success story" was sent to us via a contact who is currently on the Freewinds, we hope that he or she once getting to land will choose to leave the organization and speak out against the cruelties of this sinister cult.

We personally love how Scientology denies that they are a ufo cult and yet in their advertisements for their members they show it blatantly. Tell us what you think, and leave a comment.

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