miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Scientology's Version of John Lennon's Imagine

Okay, this is something that we legitimately do not have enough words to describe how truly awful it is. So before we make your ears bleed have a listen to the original Imagine by one of our favorite musicians, John Lennon.


 And now for the ear shattering version done by a Scientologist and yes they changed the lyrics but they were nice enough to give us the lyrics in the video. Check it out. 

martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Hana-li's latest Youth For Human Rights Song "These Two Hands"

For those of you who may not know Youth For Human Rights is a front group of the Church of Scientology that uses the "goodwill" angle to try to gain more cash and followers. And despite the Scientologist screams that they "fight for human rights" if you just look at the most recent news of this cult you will see that is not the case. Hana-li, one of Scientology's "celebrities" has made a new music video. For those who might not of seen it here is her first music video for Youth for Human Rights called The Beginning

And now for what you have all been waiting for Hana-li's latest music video called These Two Hands.

This video reminds me of the phoney Kony 2012 campaign, you know the one where the spokesperson went nuts and went streaking through LA.

And check out these.

Wow! Over 100 year's of "mankind's greatest friend". I can not believe they actually put that on a flier (lulz).

 This flier kinda reminds me of this song (lulz)

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

New Church of Scientology Advertisement "Saint Hill Is"

  The Church of Scientology's Saint Hill in Sussex, England has just come out with a brand new advertisement called "Saint Hill Is" and whereas we could think of a lot of things that Saint Hill is, (like say "Saint Hill is an Insane Asylum"  or that "Saint Hill is a waste of an English countryside") we will let the Scientologist have their say with this wacky advertisement.

  We personally love that at about a minute and half through the video (to be exact 1:23) that they show four people doing what Scientology calls TR's or Training Drills. According to the Church of Scientology these drills "improve communication" however it has been known to have a strong hypnotic effects, which cause hallucinations making member's even more vulnerable to this sect.  

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Social Media Convention on the Freewinds with leak

"Success Story"

Scientologist have many seminars on their cruise ship called the Freewinds. However, this ship is not like most cruise ships, it's staffed by men and women who have signed a billion year contract. All staff members on the ship, are part of what Scientologist call, the Sea Organization, which is Scientology's paramilitary division, with the goal of "clearing the planet" (which means that they want everyone on Earth to reach the state of Clear in Scientology). This video and "success story" was sent to us via a contact who is currently on the Freewinds, we hope that he or she once getting to land will choose to leave the organization and speak out against the cruelties of this sinister cult.

We personally love how Scientology denies that they are a ufo cult and yet in their advertisements for their members they show it blatantly. Tell us what you think, and leave a comment.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

The Church of Scientology up for another Telly Award

The Church of Scientology is up for another Telly Award, this time for their video clip of  Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. But here's the catch, evidently the award has no set limit to the amounts of winners but Wikipedia states that the number of winners can be in the thousands and also that the entries don't actually compete against one another but instead are judged based on a "high standard of merit". So, essentially any crappy video can win so long as the judge likes it.

Yes, I know the video quality is crappy and that the video cuts basically in the middle of a thought but, that was the video that was submitted for the cults entry, I know it's hard to believe right. But, what I really can't believe, is that they actually put this video to be seen by Wogs (what Scientologist call people outside of the cult). I mean they talk about how you can stop aging by not agreeing to age. It is ridiculous.

Scientologist warn each other about Anonymous

We were just sent something incredible, a Facebook post which was posted on an open group called CCHR Voluntaries Group: Ban Psychiatric Abuse NOW! warning Scientologist to be aware of Anonymous. Lets have a look.

Unfortunately this is nothing new since 2008 when Project Chanology first started, the Church of Scientology attempted to discredit Anonymous by releasing this video stating that Anonymous committed hate crimes. Which is far from the case but let's take a look.


Even here in Argentina the Head of the Organization Gustavo Libardi makes unfounded and almost ridiculous claims in this interview where he stumbles telling the reporter:

Gustavo Libardi "Confronting" Anonymous.
"Death threats. Death Threats. The phone calls were directly death threats and the threats that are on the website . . .well . .. it can be understood . . . that they are of destruction"

If there were really death threats sent to the Church, they would go to the police and start an investigation however, no investigation has ever been done because no threats were sent to their website just as there are no threats on Anonymous Argentina's Blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

But one may wonder why Scientology would go out of their way to make up such blatant lies. This answer is rather simple Scientologist believe that anyone who would try to speak out against Scientology are somehow guilty of something.
"Show me any person who is critical of us 
and I’ll show you crimes 
and intended crimes that would stand 
a magistrate’s hair on end."
  L. Ron Hubbard
Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin 4 April 1965

The cult also see's Anonymous as a suppressive organization and as such they think the following:

ENEMY SP (Suppressive Person) Order. Fair game. 
May be deprived of property or injured by any means  
by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. 
May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.
 L. Ron Hubbard
Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter 18 October 1967
Scientologist also believe there is a conspiracy against them from Psychiatry and therefore believe that anyone who is against them is somehow paid by psychiatry. 

 "The names and connections, at this time, of the bitterly opposing enemy are:  
1. Psychiatry and psychology (not medicine).  
2. The heads of news media who are also directors of psychiatric front groups.  
3. A few key political figures in the fields of "mental health" and education.  
4. A decline of monetary stability caused by the current planning of bankers who are also directors of psychiatric front organizations [that] would make us unable to function."
L. Ron Hubbard 
Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter 16 February 1969

 Scientologist believe psychiatry is the sole purpose for all mankind's ill's believing that they were involved in Scientology's OT 3 Story which states that Xenu, the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy who, 75 billion years ago brought some of his people to Earth (then known as "Teegeeack") in a DC-8 like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and bombed them using hydrogen bombs.

Scientologist believe that Anonymous members are paid by psychiatry and big pharma but I can say quite plainly that I have never received a check. 

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

"It's you. . . It's me. . ." Melbourne edition

Okay, so in case you don't know above is the original leak which was used in 2012 to grab money for the International Association of Scientologist or IAS which is one of the Church of Scientology's main front groups. And now a year later Melbourne Scientologist have united to sing horribly together. So let's have a listen.

Okay, so we will give them some points for trying but the singing is outright awful and between that you can tell  that they are nervous. We do love that the Scientologist from Melbourne do not seem to know that Elvis hated Scientology. He is even noted as saying:

"That s.o.b. group - all they want is my money"

But probably the best part is when Emmanuel Foundas tries to be a "motivational" speaker and instead ends up sounding like he's really bored.

People in the video:

Gareth Hill
Erica Lucus
Disin Grogan
Jessica Fairlie
Andrew Fairlie
Alison Ainsworth
Michael Foley
The Legendary Duffy Brothers
          Robert Duffy
          Evan Duffy
Alex Maloney
Mark Caliguiri
Tony Harris
Kate Foundas
Emmanuel Foundas

UPDATE: Scientology Censorship

Ooooh we made them mad! Tonight, we logged in and found that the Church of Scientology of Melbourne had taken down one of our videos, The Melbourne version of It's you . . . It's me . . . but not to worry it is now back up on Rutube.  For those who don't know, this is something typical of the sect to try to keep those who would expose the truth about it a secret however they constantly fail with this sort of tactic. We strongly encourage everyone to grab this video and upload it to everywhere and anywhere you can.  

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

L. Ron Hubbard the "music maker"

 Scientologist like to make a larger than life image of their founder L. Ron Hubbard and one of the many lies, is that Hubbard was a great composer and song writer. Needless to say the songs outright suck, the lyrics scream cult and the music is cheesy. So let's have a listen to these um . . . "masterpieces".

Castaway Song 

 Supposedly Hubbard, wrote this song when he was 15 years old but it seems to have somewhat of the same melody as some of the other songs he wrote later. And just as a FYI the person who sings this song is awful.
What I Want is Happiness

State of Mind

The Garden

Supposedly this song is about extacy, I'm not sure though,if anyone knows for certain let me know.
Men of Reason 

Oh gosh, the bagpipes.