domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

IAS Music Video leaked and Sydney Scientologist beg for cash

Australian Scientologist are now showing that not only are they crazy (as they showed us  here) but now, the Kiwi Scientologist have put together, a sort of make shift video, showing not only their ineptitude but their desperation for cash.


And now, for what we`ve all been waiting for please, a round of applause, this was sent to us recently, it`s a music video to promote the International Association of Scientologist or IAS for short a front group which is used to funnel cash into the cult.

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Super Power Madness and more Super Hero fliers from Australia

Recently we have been sent leaks regarding Scientology´s Super Power Building, but they were nothing compared to what we were given the other day. But before we get into the juicy bits, lets have a laugh at our dear friends from Australia, who despite our last post from a few weeks ago, continue to make hilarious fliers in an attempt to make their followers sign a 2 and a half or 5 year contract to work from sun up to sun down for table scraps.


And now ladies and gents the main course, first up, live from the Fort Harrison Hotel, you can see Kristin Toth, handling a man who just reached Clear, and completed his NED and Super Power and just has to do his Cause Resurgence Rundown, which let´s be honest here, is nothing more than running around a light post in a dark room until you hallucinate.

At about 1:59 in the video the man talks about withdrawing from the group of OT´s, to us this essentially means he was in the process of leaving the cult, but for one reason or another he was drawn back into it. And at 2:19 he says ¨Here´s the fact! I was individuated from my group¨ which means he was acting as an individual, not a part of the Scientology whole. I have a feeling there´s a Star Trek joke about the borg in there somewhere.

And that´s not all, get ready for some crazy laughter as Kristin Toth tries once more to clumsily handles a camera in an attempt to film the success of another man who says that he is a staff member from Minneapolis.  

And then the man goes on to say that anything that went wrong ever in his life was not his fault, that he is perfect and it was just his bank or his case or it was a Suppressive Person (SP), or a Potential Trouble Source (PTS) person. Pushing the blame on someone or something else is not the way to go about life, only by accepting and understanding the problems you face can you move on, so as to not make the same mistakes again. But, let us know what you think, leave a comment or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

GAT2, SuperPower, and Sydney Staff Leaked Fliers

The cult, The Church of Scientology launched the ¨Golden Age of Tech 2¨ or as Scientologist call it ¨GAT2¨ as well as their new Super Power Building last year let´s take a look.

We don´t know what you guys think but it looks like she hasn´t gotten a good nights rest in quite awhile. 

 Then there is this.

Scientology is known for having some pretty crazy even somewhat ridiculous internal propaganda. But these fliers that were sent to us from Sydney made us die of laughter when we saw them.


sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Planetary Dissimination Leak and Fliers

The Ron Series
The Basic Books and Lectures
In another glossy leaked video the Church of Scientology pushes for ¨Planetary Dissimination¨ (which basically means spreading Scientology all over the planet) through their Library Campaign, the goal of which is to get all of the new Ron Series and Basic Books into Public Library´s. They attempt to achive this not by simply giving the books directly to the libary but by having members buy the books from Scientology´s inhouse publishing company, Bridge Publications. This video was designed to encourage members to donate toward this. 

And last but not least The Church of Scientology in Australia is at it again this time with fliers encouraging thier members to join Staff. So tell us what you think about these.