viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

"The next day the physical condition was gone" Scientology and the Illegal practice of medicine

 photo thenextday_zps2a2e9a3b.jpg  Not long ago, we were sent an email with many recent newsletters from the Church of Scientology in Australia; the one that was recently in the news for holding a Taiwanese woman against her will as well as keeping children imprisoned in a suburban neighborhood, but that didn't seem to be enough for these Scientologist. They needed to break even more laws. In the following newsletter that was sent to all Australian Scientologist the illegal practice of medicine can easily be seen, as a Scientologist proudly claims that through studying the books of Scientology he/she had a "physical condition" that disappeared. Unfortunately, the illegal practice of medicine is a common occurrence in Scientology (which caused it's condemnation in Belgium) from the very beginning books they make claim's to "cure" everything from a cold to cancer and even homosexuality (which is also covered in our sister site here).


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