viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Saint Hill leak as well as others

I know I haven't posted in a while but I have some juice leaks for you first up our sister site released this leak for the New Years event as well as some Scilon Zombies (I know, whats new right) a new song and and ad from AOSH Italy as well as some tasty new tidbits of my own.

I love all of the blatant lies in this video but the thing is where to begin. They claim to be expanding but they have been shrinking, Ideal orgs are closing or left empty and 5 Narconons (Scientology's "drug rehabilitation" centers) have been shut down by goverment officials for practicing medicine without a license because the members just get tired of the constant abuse Scientology dishes out on a regular basis.

Scientologist from London org dancing to Thriller for a event at Saint Hill, anyone see the irony of this? Scilions acting like Zombies.

Scientologist from Italy speak about taking over Italy with Scientology. And now, for something totally different. Hana-Li a Scientologist and "artist" at Mad Hatter Studios a new Studio for the cult has released this song for Youth For Human Rights a Scientology front group.

 And now for some new delicious leaks first off lets have some new up and coming events for the Scientologist of the world.

In Clearwater, Florida tomorrow at 6:00 pm there is a going to be a seminar, and check out out the awful colors choice but oh well, Pat Clouden is a WISE member and New OT 8 as well as CEO to a company that caught on fire. And Ronit Soracco appears to only be a new OT 8 and apparently not related to WISE.

 And on January 19th at 6:00pm at the Austin Event Center with the President of CCHR in Texas who is Jerry Boswell who's wife Laura left and is apparently with Marty Rathburn.


And on January 20th at 5:30 pm the World Literacy Crusade will have an event in Los Angeles, CA.
Reverend Alfreddie Johnson along with his recruit Minister Tony Muhammad will both be at the event.

The Freewinds Scientology cruise ship is having a WISE conference, and below I have the Freewinds convention calender for 2013.  

And the now for the cherry on the cake.

This was sent to us by one of our informants inside the Church of Scientology and more is sure to come so stay tuned. 

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