domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

New Church of Scientology Advertisement "Saint Hill Is"

  The Church of Scientology's Saint Hill in Sussex, England has just come out with a brand new advertisement called "Saint Hill Is" and whereas we could think of a lot of things that Saint Hill is, (like say "Saint Hill is an Insane Asylum"  or that "Saint Hill is a waste of an English countryside") we will let the Scientologist have their say with this wacky advertisement.

  We personally love that at about a minute and half through the video (to be exact 1:23) that they show four people doing what Scientology calls TR's or Training Drills. According to the Church of Scientology these drills "improve communication" however it has been known to have a strong hypnotic effects, which cause hallucinations making member's even more vulnerable to this sect.  

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